Planting Prayers

Scattered seeds, scattered me
strewn across the landscape

like the leftovers of an exploded fruit.

Full of me, I dropped the pieces here and there

along the way

without the time to STOP and listen.

Father, retrieve my prayers.

Draw around them the frame of your love.

Gather them, grow them

hold them……share with me,

one at a time,

in your time,

the answers.
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11 thoughts on “Planting Prayers

  1. hmmmm….scattering spiritual seeds like an actual garden. I just read somewhere that 'seeds are hope'–indeed.
    Thanks for stopping by, Brian.

  2. Such a beautiful and meaningful prayer. Scatter the seeds, allowing time to absorb to grow. I love the patience hinted in this one. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Wouldn't it be cool if we could see trees grow up everywhere that we planted a seed prayer? So thankful the Father can see that! And we believe it by faith.

  4. lovely…and truth as well….when you are always praying it is life scattering may pray something you see and never look at it again but know it was heard and will grow….

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