Five Favorite Things About Fall

There are so many reasons I love this time of year–it’s hard to choose, but here are my top five: Pumpkins Who knew there were white pumpkins and bumpy pumpkins and sorta-blue pumpkins and well, all manner of heirloom squash family members?? God’s creativity abounds in the gourd department, no? The displays at Trader Joe’s and elsewhere are a delight for the eyes. (But no … Continue reading Five Favorite Things About Fall

Lessons in Autumn-A Poem

One must gather a chair, a cushion, a small setting table field glasses, cup of tea, these grand books like quiet friends then sit. One must sit, knees crossed in cushioned chair anchored in the too tall grass, eyes to the hawthorn and bayberry, waving maple, water-sounding leaves on air. One must train the eye, not strain but rest on beauty- aleaf and aberry, expecting the … Continue reading Lessons in Autumn-A Poem