How I Became a Twitter Convert and Kept My Sanity

I am still basking in the afterglow of a rich and rewarding five days at the Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College in Michigan. (Thank you, Grand Rapids, snow and all.)  I am exhausted and beyond tired. My brain is packed, my spirit is full to overflowing and my body has been existing on junk food since Friday. But it was totally worth … Continue reading How I Became a Twitter Convert and Kept My Sanity

Rumors of Writing

 When I began writing/blogging during a snow-bound week in 2012, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  Thank goodness! I found a writing community (thank you, Facebook) and jumped in with both feet by sending emails to three people I had never met: Laura Boggess at Tweetspeak Poetry LL Barkat (well, many places) and Glynn Young (Faith, Fiction and Friends). I was very forward with them and a … Continue reading Rumors of Writing

Jumping in with Both Feet

Jan. 23, 2012 Snow day It’s not actually a snow day here in the Seattle area.   It’s a ‘recover-from-the-snow-and-ice-and-wind-damage-day,’ so there is no school. And, since I’m a teacher, blessed me, there’s oodles of extra time from the Time Keeper, my Heavenly Father, to do what He’s called me to do–write to you. But first, since we rarely if ever get weather like this, here are … Continue reading Jumping in with Both Feet