• My Poems,  The Church Year

    A Poem for Christmas

    Dear friends, There is something afoot in God’s coming to be with us… may we ever be reminded of why he came. Merry Christmas to you and a blessed new year. Jody **photo is mine. Poem is a much edited version of ‘Manger’ from my e book, Emmanuel Poems.

  • Life in General

    Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People? Is That the Right Question?

    “Harbor me in the eye of the storm I’m holding on to the love you swore.”  -John Mark McMillan, Love You Swore The other day on Instagram I asked: “How is it we never wonder why good things happen to good people? Or why good things happen to bad people?” My reflections were a version of that all-too-common question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” As if there was some chart in the sky where God is tallying checkmarks, balancing our actions with our consequences.  Barbara Brown Taylor deals with a variation of this exact same thought in a selection in her book, “Home by Another Way.” Taylor…

  • Made Things

    Garden & Grace

    Do you ever feel stingy? I do. Well, I did.  Well, I actually noticed that I was feeling that way and thought it out loud. I thought about it as I clomp, clomp, clomped across the newly-sprinklered grass in my rubber boots out to my garden the other morning. I was inwardly exclaiming, amazed at the cucumbers that I swear grew over night, hanging from the prickly vines hidden among the trellises. I noticed the green peas climbing up and over, their vines trailing the frames we built in the spring.  They appeared out of thin air, I’m sure…every 5 or 6 inches of growth holding a promising pod of…