When the World is Broken Along With my Heart

I hardly know where to begin these days, to write down my heart's cry and soul's sigh. The world is splintering, shattering it seems, on every side. All I can do is re-center myself with a song. Thank you to my friend Laurie Klein for the nudge. Here's "Alleluia" by Fernando Ortega from the Odes [...]

Why Self-Care Needs a Dose of Fun

Moi, five (?) years old. Redondo Beach, Ca. My netbook is propped on my lap as I type these words, the summer sounds of Southern California floating through my sister's living room windows.  The cool breezes, the rush of cars on the street, the sounds of new-to-me birds remind me I am Somewhere Else. Somewhere [...]

What It’s Like to be Married Forever

My husband and I are busy empty nesters (although a college grad with a whiz bang journalism job is renting our furnished basement apartment). We look forward to our Sunday mornings which hold the promise of worship and fellowship which feed our souls. One recent Sunday while my husband was in worship, I hung out with [...]