Grandson, Summer {a #poem}

The raspberries–your favorite–ripened after You’d gone, the sun’s August denouement Leaving a subtle ruby postscript like pendants Suspended on green-edged strands. Gentle tugs released the jewels between My fingers then traveled to my mouth. They were (almost) sweet and needed More time for sugaring. Had you been here To share the waning warm days’ treasure I could have held you, too, before you Grew into … Continue reading Grandson, Summer {a #poem}

Small Oceans

Redondo Beach, CA  I was about 6 I went looking for a photo today, one that’s embedded in memory from happy times at the beach. When I found this essay I couldn’t help notice God’s continual message to me–He is always speaking, and the word I’ve been hearing him whisper these days is “Trust.” Six years have passed since I wrote this and the message … Continue reading Small Oceans

‘Tis the Season for Brides

‘Tis the season, indeed. Invitations in the mail and on the fridge. Weddings abound, enveloping my family circle and I. One nephew betrothed last weekend.  One nephew engaged. A niece counting down the days to July. Besides the betrothals there are the dresses. Oh the dresses. After the ring is chosen, the date is set, the first question for the bride is always, (in a run-on sort … Continue reading ‘Tis the Season for Brides