Anniversary {a #poem}

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                   I always come home to you,

Your smile, your arms, your lips.
Strong as the anchors of a ship,
Tethering my wandering, wondering heart.
There is a safety in our past,
Landmarks of history,
Reminding me why I’m here
A testimony to our togetherness,
My life with you.
Alone right now I chart my path,
Traveling far–
Not in circles, but meteoric spurts
Up and out, fierce bursts of energy,
then a quiet return.
Always back again to you.
My husband and I celebrated our 39th anniversary on Bastille Day–July 14th.  When you’re married that long sometimes you need to get away and have your own space.  I wrote this during one of those away times.  He is so worth coming back to–a real gift to me from God.


  1. what a beautiful gift, your generous words:)
    congratulations on your many years of learning to love long,

  2. nice..happy anniversary! 39 years…that is awesome…and i love that you always return back…that is a beautiful thing…smiles.

  3. Happy Anniversary! You both sound very lucky – and a nice poem too. k.

  4. Happy Anniversary! I'm on #38. I've been blessed to be married to one who loves me “in spite of.” There's no one I'd rather “come home to.”

  5. happy anniversary! my husband's and i today, and so funny, i just wrote last night about him being “home” to me. so glad we've found men that fold us into them in the most comfortable of ways! to many more years together…


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