The View from Here–a Seattle Portrait

A mystery, really–these mute carriers of a collection of qualities known only to humankind. The sway of the valise, a pendulum of skin-covered appendages, the flip of the handbag: back-side, front-side, side-side synchronized while hiking the concrete sun-filled hillsides up to the top~ View Just Ahead. Oblivious to said view in their busy ant kingdom they strain necks bookward, heads poised at odd angles screenward … Continue reading The View from Here–a Seattle Portrait

Quiet on the Wind {a #poem}

On the wind His words gently breezing through the pinwheel turning, iridescent blue blowing across the surface moving gently, forcing me to hear, “I’m here” while I ponder slowing– less turning, more still- like the quiet trees hushing, the soft branches suspended, punctuation placed securely on the pages of the sky, declaring a full stop. I’ve heard rumors of His kindness, long to be bathed with … Continue reading Quiet on the Wind {a #poem}

Bird Seed–Twitter Poems

Tweetspeak Poetry, the fullsome webspace curated by the gifted LL Barkat, was borne out of Twitter poems, concise lines of poetry confined to 140 characters. Note: these were written before Twitter allowed a whole 280 characters. Many lines are responses to photo prompts, others just me trying to wrap words around my life. I was surprised at the freedom afforded by having the constraints of … Continue reading Bird Seed–Twitter Poems

Well {a #poem}

“That’s a deep subject,” I’d oft repeat, to chide the speaker for such a lame, one-word comment. Well, indeed. I’m in it at the bottom, Swimming in my own tears drowning in grief that I must haul up bucket by bucket. But the hauling is needful– the bucket-at-a time tending a necessary process. The grief needs to be felt and measured–lived through to measure me— … Continue reading Well {a #poem}

"What the Quake Experts Now Know about the Coming Cataclysm"

Ah, there’s the rub, eh? The hubris of the know-it-all mind that deludes itself into thinking “if one knows, why one can manage” and if we were all experts life as we know it wouldn’t quite creep up on us with such malicious surprise. Raindrops are nicely contained in a new copper rain gutter but comes a deluge and unforeseen storm, those gutters fly right … Continue reading "What the Quake Experts Now Know about the Coming Cataclysm"

Cacophony {a #poem}

The chickadees are arguing using their mad voices to fight over the millet and sunflowers– Here’s a sweet ‘chirp’, there’s     an insistent, “cuh, cuh, cuh” and another voice–“chick-a-dee, dee, dee.” It’s a Bird Boardroom Brawl, voices of different timbres and tempo arguing about what’s on the menu. They sound as if they’re starving,  staking out their claim to dinner like it’s their last meal. … Continue reading Cacophony {a #poem}