Manna Menu {a #poem}

Blue Plate Special–Good Today ONLY

Get your own bread,
Stop grabbing off your sister’s plate
And eyeing your brothers’.
I gave them just what they need—
I’ll do the same for you.
“What is it?”
“What is it?”
“but what IS  it?”
“You’ll just have to taste and see.”
“So what’s good today?” you ask.
We have items that are seasonal,
depending on what’s ripe and ready.
Wouldn’t want to give you anything too green-
It causes indigestion.
Like it???
Well, no, you can’t stuff some
In your pockets for tomorrow.
It’ll either turn into crumbs
From the pressure
Or get moldy—it’s dark inside there
And you’ll forget I gave you anything in the first place.
Don’t cram it all down at once—
Take small bites—
Then come back for more.
Do you have enough for today?
Great—we’ll see you tomorrow—
Your Father’s setting up a banqueting table….
 I’ve been reading the Pentatech and really feel for poor ol’ Moses leading the complaining children of Israel.  When they asked God for food (Exodus 16) God said he would ‘rain down bread from heaven” for them, and in this way he would ‘test them to see whether they will follow my instructions.’  Test them?  Well, that’s kinda  mean.  What instructions?  Why? To trust HIM, with a capital T.  He is teaching me to look to Him for something new and fresh and my own every day.         
‘manna’, accent on the 2nd syllable, literally means ‘what is it?’






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8 thoughts on “Manna Menu {a #poem}

  1. Andrea and Jen–thank you for the kind words and reading around.
    It's so nice to be welcomed to the SDG community. I plan to jump in!

  2. yes! my daddy the preacher always gave the definition of the word manna, and that it should teach us many things… i really, really like your style, your flow. So glad to “meet” you 🙂

  3. What a neat poem! I love the reminder that God gives us enough for each day, but each day we return to the banquet table. Thanks for sharing your insight!

  4. I didn't know that manna meant that. How amazing. And, oh, I know what you mean about looking for something new and fresh from Him every day. I love how your poetry flows — it gives me such energy! Welcome to SDG! I hope you will continue to bless us with your writing!

  5. The small bites. No cramming down.

    I do like that image. It's easier to savor a small portion than the mouth stuffed and cheeks ready to pop.

    Thanks for this, Jody!

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