I’ve Been Asking {a #poem}

I’ve been asking Jesus,  because He said I could (ask) about a Five Year Plan– like a plannable annuity with a guaranteed return on my investment. As if…. as if a sure answer for my tomorrows would bring me peace today. He whispers instead what’s doable– The five hour plan– a clump of time allotted to, say, oh, baking a pie. Manageable, like a tried and … Continue reading I’ve Been Asking {a #poem}

Glory be to God–City Version

(after Gerard Manley Hopkins) Narrows Bridge, WA, photo by the author Glory be to God for freeway things For vehicles chrome-colored            as Airstream and kin For billboards and tires that erstwhile sing Lemony busses, soldiering vans           with commuters in. Praise Him all wheels and pavement,          battered, lined, worn Peopled Hondas, Mercedes sleek, … Continue reading Glory be to God–City Version

Living Room

What does it take to feel alive?Warm sun, a fresh breeze, the breath of God.Peace, quiet, the creak of a floor,chiming of a bell in the distance,the tinkling of a cat’s bell.The fragrance of a morning rose and fresh coffee.The purr of a fan, the taste of a peachthe drone of a bee,the deep in and out of a curtainafloat on the morning’s glory gifts.He is here.This is … Continue reading Living Room

Memories, Flora-wise, a Polysyllabic Poem

Botanically speaking, the plant names trip on the tongue with some effort (mine)but once murmured, sound like the tune to an old songI’ve known all my life,the words rolling off in chunks of meaning as I pass by a rainbow of familiar flora – oleander–-pinnate, poisonous, softened by pink and purpleeucalyptus–fragrance in crushed wood, leaving the warmth of summer on the wind,agapanthus—amethyst blooms, towering hedge-highbougainvillea–-starburst magenta gems on a stemmandevilla-fluted swirls of indigo, twirling … Continue reading Memories, Flora-wise, a Polysyllabic Poem


We’ve been informed we are flying  at 29,000 feet (approximately) above the face of the Earth, suspended (how? by speed, lift and whatnot) like a moving planet jettisoned in a line moving at the speed of sound (light?). Refreshments are served, secured with invisible payments traveling via plastic and magnets swiped by staff standing still as we travel at 575 miles per hour (approximately). My snack appears … Continue reading Miracle

The View from Here–a Seattle Portrait

A mystery, really–these mute carriers of a collection of qualities known only to humankind. The sway of the valise, a pendulum of skin-covered appendages, the flip of the handbag: back-side, front-side, side-side synchronized while hiking the concrete sun-filled hillsides up to the top~ View Just Ahead. Oblivious to said view in their busy ant kingdom they strain necks bookward, heads poised at odd angles screenward … Continue reading The View from Here–a Seattle Portrait

When You’re Leaf-full

orange trees from the orange grove where my husband was raised, Yorba Linda CA. I bless thee, Lord, because I GROW Among thy trees, which in a ROW To thee both fruit and order OW. When thou dost greater judgements SPARE And with thy knife but prune and PARE, Ev’n fruitful trees more fruitful ARE. Such sharpness shows the sweetest FREND: Such cuttings rather heal … Continue reading When You’re Leaf-full

Walking Through a Marriage

A mountain so wide the horizon could not contain it The path rough and boulder-strewn, here a plain, then stumbling again  through the dark undergrowth towards the top. We left for this journey in the light— someone keeps stealing it away. Sun rays appear in glimmers through the trees, a flutter here and there Revealing life, then whoosh— a fierce wind strips the leaves clear off … Continue reading Walking Through a Marriage

Mirror Me

Words like water poured out reflect my wide world, contained in pieces, paragraphs of pain and power and the past, puzzles to put into place. I long to be known heard, seen, reflected  in the pool you hold in your heart showing me the “me” that I am. Instead of a mirror, you hand me a map telling me where to GO or a manual … Continue reading Mirror Me

Prepositions-A Poem of Praise

Overcome by the quaking  power of God’s sweet presence Around the shoulders of  friend-draped worshippers Across the room to the children raising,  praising, lifting small hands Surrounded by incarnations of God  in these multi-colored people Next to sweet-voiced sisters  and deep-throated men, I’m looking~~eyes up and over and through the windows,  past the summer-waving trees to a lidless blue sky where my soul  longs for … Continue reading Prepositions-A Poem of Praise