To the Tune of ‘Lilies’, {a #poem}

There is a song in petals, the rainsound of notes on thirsty earth feeding spring’s new flowers. There is a melody in the making of a garden where silent, shriveled seeds wait to burst, pushing through wet soil with their magic strength inside. There is a harmony in the golden leafwhisper and silent shout of green dusting the tips of dogwood and rose, tulip, lilac, … Continue reading To the Tune of ‘Lilies’, {a #poem}

Writer’s Break {a #poem}

I’ve been awash in words of late, missing out on the wind waving through steel branches, blue and white sky. Eyes too crowded to take note of the weather which goes on without me, whether I watch it or not. A glance through the dining room glass speaks loudly in all caps. I am listening. “There is no earth-changing work worth writing that can compare … Continue reading Writer’s Break {a #poem}

Wait Training {a #poem}

I want to fly these dumbbells up, down, up, down quick! The momentum of each lift rising at my side pushing past perhaps what’s safe or wise in the name of what? Speed or yes, the checklist-exercise- done! When I slow instead, face the window and raise these weighted arms slow, slow, slow-up; slow, slow, slow- down-the strain increases but the work muscle-wise is longer … Continue reading Wait Training {a #poem}

Physical Science {a #poem}

“Samara,” she said and the words took flight in my hearing, invisible windborne flora soaring across my thoughts. She spoke of wings, a divine creation spinning towards earth to plant itself like a stubborn weed-fierce and stuck. Imagination took root, sending me flying home towards Webster’s– ‘some-are-uh’ – and there a black and white drawing of a seed with wings “an indehiscent, usually  one-seeded fruit, … Continue reading Physical Science {a #poem}

I’ve Been Asking

Jesus, because He said I could (ask) about a Five Year Plan– like a plannable annuity with a guaranteed return on my investment. as if… as if a sure answer for my tomorrows would bring me peace today. He whispers instead what’s doable– the Five Hour Plan-a chunk of time allotted to say, oh, baking a pie– manageable, like a tried and true recipe gather … Continue reading I’ve Been Asking

The Practice of Pondering While Making Soup

Facing the stove, I busy my hands with this thrice-cooked fowl, weaving water herbs and onions to conjure a warming repast for our souls. Skin holds meat, meat holds bone (or is it the other way around?) and as chunks slip and slide into the bubbling pot before me, I wonder, wordless, at the speed with which we revere and revile our fellow human beings. … Continue reading The Practice of Pondering While Making Soup

Sabbath on the Page, Winter {a #poem}

What can you hear in a         winter sky? Trees        sleeping, sap coursing        slowly stopped by         these northern climes and        their accompanying chill. The sound of sunlight, settled        like a theater’s best ending,        shadowplay kept for        juncos and chickadees. Gray like warm … Continue reading Sabbath on the Page, Winter {a #poem}

Keeping Watch

I flatten myself carpetside, legs parallel as the lines of a crosswalk,arms a perpendicular “T”to my torso, aching as theystretch (or do they stretchand therefore ache?) Open-bodiedstance releases all weight of this weary week.White-flagging my way to the floora wide space spans my once-tightpalms, now held by an invisiblesilken thread index to index.Sprung free from the web of close-inclamoring that’s cluttered my days,revelation arrives via … Continue reading Keeping Watch