Hunting for Red in October, Second Edition

by | Oct 22, 2013 | Life & Faith | 15 comments

There is no more beautiful place to live this time of year (IMHO) than the Pacific Northwest. Last year I posted ‘hunting for red….’ Again, I’d like to share some of the beautiful Fall colors my Father has painted for us……..

Maple tree next door

blueberry bush–end of season

Cotoneaster berries
a stand of maples in our neighborhood

through the leaves to the rhododendron

maple ‘whirly birds’ (seed pods)

plum and purple
and the best red I’ve ever read…..
courtesy of my son Aaron, circa 1980ish
linking in Community with the Soli Deo Sisterhood
more living words and pictures over there.


  1. We have not had much red in Chicago this year … so this is stunning.


  2. Dayle, thanks for reading. I took another walk today along a lake by our house and just kept saying, 'thank you, Father' as I enjoyed the vibrant colors.

  3. Jody, my husband & I so enjoyed the beautiful October scenery. Thank you!!!

  4. Go Cards. (I think). Everyone loves baseball this time of year, Kel. I can see why you made the connection 🙂

  5. Nice interpretation of Red October, Jody…of course, here in St. Louie we call this season Red October for another reason…Go Cards! It's kind fun that we are playing the Red Sox…it's going to be a very red world series! I am a fair weather fan, but had to make the connection…

  6. Thank you, Jody, for a heart-warming post. I, too, feasted upon your images of bright foliage. Seasonal changes here in Florida are subtle. I miss the blazing elms, oaks, and maples of the Midwest (but not the meat-locker winters)! That last image is a treasure–no wonder you've kept it all these years. 'Love that little flower, standing tall with confidence, because “she” is forgiven.

  7. Oh! So very envious of your world right now!! Those trees are stunning! Thank you God for the beauty you continue to give your children!!


  8. I really enjoyed the pictures as I do not get out and about that much. (Especially the last one!) I think God gave us His beauty of Fall so we were not traumatized by bouncing from Summer to Winter 🙂 I certainly enjoy the beauty and I do thank you for sharing it with us!! Love you! Patty

  9. Nancy, God's beauty goes from coast to coast, eh? Thanks for stopping by today.

  10. Mia, every season DOES have its own beauty and charm, you're right!
    Thanks for reading.

  11. Now, see–I thought New England held exclusive rights to red in autumn,what with all our Sugar Maples and all. I guess I'm used to seeing only yellow in the fall in the turn of Aspens in the west. Thank you for introducing me to the reds of the Pacific Northwest.

    I know I was completely inconsistent in my capitalizations in that last comment but can't be bothered to figure out why.

    Oh, and I agree–the last red was the best of all!

  12. Dear Jody Lee
    You have taken me on a delightful red autumn journey through your photos. Isn't it great how every season has its own beauty and charm.
    Blessings XX


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