With Apologies to Laura Numeroff**

by | Nov 4, 2013 | Poetry | 17 comments

If you give a writer a journal
She’ll probably say “thank you”
   (exclamation point)
And wonder where the nearest pen or pencil is.
If she finds said pen, she’ll take to writing
   A es a pee.
Once she starts writing there’s no telling
When she’ll stop—why
People would be neglected,
The dishes could go unwashed,
The laundry could pile up,
Spouses might go hungry.
And if people go hungry
they might make their own dinner.
  Or order out.
From the barbecue place downtown.
The one across the street from the gift shop
Where the writer might wander in while she
Waits for the coleslaw, beans and spicy chicken.

And the kind, inquisitive clerk inquires, ‘does she journal?’
  (exclamation point)

Discovering it’s the writer’s birthday and kindly
offering to gift her with a journal.
And you know what that means…..
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***Author of “If you give a Mouse a Cookie” and at least 5 other variations thereof.
I wrote this in August, after a visit downtown for my birthday.
Photo of chalk drawing at school last year–the months in a vertical column–see it?


  1. Ceil–I loved this line, “…isn't a journal just a silent agreement that writing is important?”
    You have a great way with words. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Kim, thanks for reading….yes, we do get wrapped up, us writers 🙂

  3. A muffin and a barbeque…..? not sure those go together 🙂 Thanks for reading, friend.

  4. This post is Just So Fun, dear friend! Not to mention inspiring, as always. But now I want a muffin AND barbecue!

  5. Love this post. In a time when we can write online, there is nothing like a pretty journal to put our thoughts. It will leave such a personal legacy for our children in our very own handwriting. Thank you for writing this. I needed to read this today. I visited from Soli Deo Gloria & am glad 🙂
    Have a great Tues.,

  6. “Once she starts writing there’s no telling when she’ll stop—why THINGS COULD HAPPEN.” Heh. Just love those words. They are rich with possibility and a friendly beckoning presence.

  7. Dear Jody Lee
    I am thankful of the this reminder never to buy myself a journal again. But then, there are such wonderful apps for free on the net, that I will never ever run out of space to write!!
    Blessings XX

  8. Hi Jody Lee! I do have to giggle in recognition a little bit here. I am becoming so scatter-brained and forgetful…and so engrossed in ideas and writing. It's wonderful! But very different from my nurse-self. And isn't a journal just a silent agreement that writing is important??

    Enjoy your lines and verses and poetry.I wish I liked bar-b-que. I'd join you! Maybe Kris's son will make me some eggs?
    From SDG,

  9. Oh, I so get this:) I use to have such a clean home and a well fed family. That was in my pre-writing days. Now my son comes in every day at 5 and says, “Mom, are we going to have dinner?” He has learned to cook eggs. 🙂

  10. A bright spot in my evening…you and your poem…and now I want to get out one of my many journals and write…asap!

  11. What a creative spin-off from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie! Such a clever girl you are, Jody!

  12. mice and cookies, moose and muffins, pigs and pancakes and now writers and journals. You delight me!!


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