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New Life NOLA

Under Construction

Concrete ripped and piled

Bulldozed building pieces askew
Saltines stacked on a pile of dirt.
There is mess everywhere.

Plastic flaps outside, tucked in and under,
Protecting not much anymore.
Piles of rebar readied for foundations
Sand, rock for ballast, fill.
There is mess everywhere.

The glare of lights, warning signs,
Ominous fences.
There’s an implosion—
Destruction inside,
Overleaping, over reaching its bounds
Readying for more,
Which cannot contain all the New yet to come.

I’m a mess everywhere.
I’ve thrown open my arms,
The “I let go……”
To make room,
Allow the implosion
Destruction inside,
To wash away, be blown away
Rebuilt with the yet-to-be.

Am I ready?
But daily death yields to life and

more life.

Build, Father, Build.

sharing in Community with Jennifer at Getting Down with Jesus

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  • Jody Lee Collins

    Ro? Elliott? I'm not sure of your name–sorry. I visited over at your site and liked what I saw. Anyway–thanks for reading and commenting–God bless you.
    And–are we neighbors?

  • ells

    Hi neighbor…oh yes..daily deaths yields new life…I pray with you…build…build. blessings~

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