May, March and April in Books #ReadUpstream

In keeping with the inauguration of the #ReadUpstream movement, I’m going to speak a little about what I’ve been reading and maybe entice you to do your own reading 'upstream'; i.e. choosing classics and good books that speak to your heart, even if no one else is reading them. More about the origin of #ReadUpstream [...]

When God Gives You One Sure Thing

This Christmas season has looked like no other--construction projects, appliance delivery disasters, and decorating plans consumed by service and energy poured out elsewhere. Perhaps it's my age, but I'm grateful for the one sure thing I have--my blessed husband. I hope you enjoy this re-post. I know it made me smile to read it. ~~~~~~~~~~ [...]

Still Saturday–Birds of the Air

Momentarily noticing the busy birds bouncing against the blank, brown ground, scratching for food in the winter, they fly to the feeder, confident their Father will supply the seed they need. Holy Spirit reminds me.... I am more precious to him than the birds of the air. Matthew 6:26 linking up today with Sandra Heska King at [...]