When God Gives You One Sure Thing

This Christmas season has looked like no other--construction projects, appliance delivery disasters, and decorating plans consumed by service and energy poured out elsewhere. Perhaps it's my age, but I'm grateful for the one sure thing I have--my blessed husband. I hope you enjoy this re-post. I know it made me smile to read it. ~~~~~~~~~~ [...]

What It’s Like to be Married Forever

My husband and I are busy empty nesters (although a college grad with a whiz bang journalism job is renting our furnished basement apartment). We look forward to our Sunday mornings which hold the promise of worship and fellowship which feed our souls. One recent Sunday while my husband was in worship, I hung out with [...]

Putting it Together

  Our dining room is topsy turvy. Kitchen chairs and barstools are hidden and stashed in a closet in the bedroom. There's no room for but four people at our dining table. The living room bookshelves now attend the table, stacked on their sides and emptied, banana boxes stuffed with the contents. Pieces of furniture [...]