• The Church Year

    A Very Married Christmas

    We’re standing in the kitchen.  I move fluidly from dishwasher to counter, bending, stacking–bowls, dishes, cups, goblets. Husband is at the cupboard behind me.  I rotate, wordless, and hand him his favorite glass-he replaces it to the shelf and continues swallowing his vitamins. I interrupt his healthy intake once again, this time with the rainbow-colored stack of Ikea cups.  Without a word, he fits them on the shelf next to our stash of kid-safe plastics. I love this morning routine–coffee pot steaming and gurgling, the bird clock chiming it’s 8 am hour–the robin, I think–and the garbage truck outside our window beep-beep-beeping. It all feels so safe–full of comfort and…

  • Made Things,  Poetry

    Strong Trees-A Marriage Poem

    Josh Groban is heavenly hollering “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.” The sweet and gentle resolution of the violin and oboes slows me down to hear your soft love. Not the out loud from the rooftops kind, but quiet as the roots of a tree digging down in the dark, seeking support where we need it. You tether and train the branches so I can build a tree house for all the world to see up top, waving bright flags to the busy, noisy world calling, “Isn’t life grand?” But your towering quiet reminds me a tree is beautiful and strong, growing not just up and out but down as well,…

  • Poetry

    The Space Between Us {a #poem}

    The space between us, bringing comfort, Enough room to move. So full, yet undefined, Gray as the future, pregnant with hope. Did I know, declaring on that day as I did…. Could I know? Some many days’ hence The space between would be           tested, tried, stretched? Shattered, tattered at the edges, Torn by time, Pulling us in directions we needn’t go? Ah, but time, wrapping around Us like the edges of a quilt, Pulling the mismatched pieces back together… Yes, time, healing all wounds Repairing all breaches Protecting, surrounding, preserving. Time and grace and space. Just enough to come between us.