Happy New You! Listen, Learn, Write

The season ahead for me in this corner of the interwebs may be a little quieter. I'm going to focus more on my poetry (I have a poetry website. Did you know this?) to grow in that craft and spend time with folks who can lead the way. To that end, I've signed up for [...]

Keeping in Step with Jesus (Vlog)

In the middle of all that goes into releasing a book and talking about a book and promoting a book**, it's easy to lose sight of what matters. This entry from Oswald Chambers "My Utmost for His Highest" (October 12th) was encouraging to me; I hope it encourages you. (forgive my cough; of course, as [...]

May, March and April in Books #ReadUpstream

In keeping with the inauguration of the #ReadUpstream movement, I’m going to speak a little about what I’ve been reading and maybe entice you to do your own reading 'upstream'; i.e. choosing classics and good books that speak to your heart, even if no one else is reading them. More about the origin of #ReadUpstream [...]

Life/Writing {a poem}

Our pastor has been talking the last few weeks about Spiritual Confidence--the fact that it comes from knowing who God is ...and who you are. Here's what I know about me: I hate it that I am so sporadic Inconsistent, not persistent,          no straight ahead in a line to the finish. I’m distracted, side-tracked [...]

Neat Little Package

I wrote this poem on the January day in 2003 when my first grandson, Hanan Samuel, was born.  This week he turned 9....I wanted to share this to honor him.                Your birth today unequivocally proved that science still can do nothing at explaining the miraculous. The day you [...]