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    The Joy of Poetry-Megan Willome

    “What if there were no poetry?  What if all life were prose?  Some people wouldn’t mind. One friend told me her son didn’t know how to do imaginative play. He lined up his action figures and then shrugged and walked away.  He didn’t know what else to do.  Poetry gives you an idea of what to do, or at least the idea that something more can be done.”  Megan Willome, “The Joy of Poetry” p. 138 When I mention to people that I’m reading a book of poetry the response is often, “I’m not into poetry. I just don’t get it.” If I tell them I WRITE poetry, they look…

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    Female Faith Poet-Laurie Klein

    Laurie Klein and I first met online after I’d been following her work in print for a number of years. We share a common decade and a love of poetry and song. I then discovered she was blogging and we’ve been corresponding ever since. Laurie is the author of the prize-winning chapbook ‘Bodies of Water, Bodies of Flesh’ and the classic praise chorus ”I Love You, Lord.” Her poems and prose have appeared in many publications, including Ascent, The Southern Review, Atlanta Review, Terrain, and the Holman Personal Worship Bible. She is a recipient of the Thomas Merton Prize for Poetry of the Sacred. Her most recent release in the…

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    Kindergarten, January

    I never dreamed one day I’d be parsing a picture book explaining to five year olds that yes, a black man was shot by someone who hated him because of the color of his skin, and before he died he had a Dream for children just like them. After the story (required), they—with their earnest, “Was he real, teacher?” “Yes, he was,” and  me with my tears welling up, held at bay (I’m the grown up after all) stunned at their beautiful innocence, so sure of what they believe, too young to know any other truth, with their small-ish hands placed in front of them, like so many skin-made flowers, a spontaneous array…

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    The View from Here–a Seattle Portrait

    A mystery, really–these mute carriers of a collection of qualities known only to humankind. The sway of the valise, a pendulum of skin-covered appendages, the flip of the handbag: back-side, front-side, side-side synchronized while hiking the concrete sun-filled hillsides up to the top~ View Just Ahead. Oblivious to said view in their busy ant kingdom they strain necks bookward, heads poised at odd angles screenward or eyes staring downward. Were it not for the rude city sounds punctuating the air and street their safely stopping would be in question. Ah safety….here come the wise and cheerful ones; this time without screens or books in hand but fists of flowers, posies…

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    The Traveling Mischief Cafe–Tweetspeak Poetry

    In late fall a few years ago I had the pleasure of hosting the diminuitive L.L. Barkat, a woman with a contagious laugh, a love of poetry and instigator of the Mischief Cafe (among other things.) The Mischief Cafe is sort of a traveling road show with tea, toast and poetry. Laura and I had connected online and had never met before this occasion, but when I read she’d be taking the cafe idea on the road I contacted her and extended an invitation. The Mischief Cafe idea originated with the Tweetspeak Poetry community, which L.L. founded, and came about from a Facebook conversation which morphed (156 comments later) into…

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    “Booked”–Karen Swallow Prior

    I first met (via words, of course) Professor Karen Swallow Prior through her coming of age book of essays, titled simply Booked (T.S. Poetry Press, 2012) . I related to so much of what she said about the way literature shaped her life growing up and eventually the way books led her to God.  I have since had the privilege of meeting Karen in person, but in the meantime, here’s my “review” of Booked in the form of a letter.   Dear Ms. Prior, I want to let you know how much your words in “Booked-Literature in the Soul of Me” have resonated with me.  I eagerly awaited the book’s release…

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    #whyisitcalledahashtag {a #poem}

    #whyisitcalled a hashtag? and not a number sign as in “#3”? (or n-o period 3?) For that matter, why is it a “pound sign”? (as in “Please enter your password, followed by the pound sign?” (my son did not weigh 7#’s 3 oz. it was lbs., thank you.) You’re calling it a hashtag for tweeters who twitter (or tweet? yes, tweet…….. but that’s a bird) Maybe it’s a hashtag as in corned beefed hash– in front of the tag? as in, “tag, you’re it?” as in….oh, I give up. just tell me why is it called a hashtag?