Why I Stopped Having ‘Quiet Time’ {for all the right reasons}

“…the resolving of the conflict between sacred and the secular (or, better said, the repairing of the damage done by divorcing them) has been billed as the major problem of modern theology.” -Robert Farrar Capon, The Supper of the Lamb, 1967 ///// The writer of those words penned his thoughts 50 years ago, and while [...]

How to Live Hungry

I was going to subtitle this, “Will Jesus Still Love me if I Don’t Have ‘Quiet Time?" ‘cause I’ve been thinking about that question a lot lately.  Don’t get me wrong—I’ve studied Psalm 119—I know God’s word is the compass for my life, that I can’t live without it. But sometimes life goes in a different [...]

Why Slow Starts are Best (or, Typing as Therapy)

"For who knows how, Better than he that taught us first to Plough, To guide our Mind and Pens for his Design? And he makes base things usher in Divine." John Bunyan, the Author's Apology for His Book, Pilgrim's Progress I wrote at the beginning of this year about starting small, starting now when leaning [...]