The Daily News {{a #poem}}

Hi friends, I promised a few weeks back we’d be taking a Scripture Walk through Psalm 37. We’ll get there. Promise. In the meantime, I thought I’d share this little ditty that poured out while I was casually reading through the Gospels (a dangerous occupation) and happened upon a passage in Matthew 27. It sort of blew my mind….so I wrote a poem about it. … Continue reading The Daily News {{a #poem}}

Scripture Walk-Psalm 37

One of the surest ways to guarantee a healthy diet of the Word of God is to commit to a study of it to share with others. Nothing like knowing you’re s’posed to have something to say to make sure you go looking for that ‘something’ yourself! Eleven (!!) years ago this week when I began writing online, I was committed to three things through … Continue reading Scripture Walk-Psalm 37

When God’s Word Goes Haywire {Operator Error}

You know how it is when you’re clicking around online and you visit a website link looking for information and up pops that 404 Error message? I was stuck in a rabbit hole kind of like that recently, stewing for weeks over an issue (always the battleground for me, the ol’ noggin) and could not seem to get past it. I had worried the situation to … Continue reading When God’s Word Goes Haywire {Operator Error}