When God’s Word Goes Haywire {Operator Error}

by | Nov 11, 2018 | Spiritual Practice | 5 comments

P_20181111_130112You know how it is when you’re clicking around online and you visit a website link looking for information and up pops that 404 Error message?

I was stuck in a rabbit hole kind of like that recently, stewing for weeks over an issue (always the battleground for me, the ol’ noggin) and could not seem to get past it. I had worried the situation to death, played scenarios over and over again about a particular Terrible Thing that I needed to pray against and it wouldn’t go away. I woke up with it on my mind and went to bed mumbling about it in my prayers.

There was spiritual warfare going on like crazy, fighting principalities and powers, pushing back that stupid devil/destroyer/stealer. I was in a battle for sure.

So~one night in the shower--the land of ‘aha’s’, we all know this, right?–I heard the first half of John 10:10 running through my head, “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy….” and the next thing I heard was the Holy Spirit saying, “Um, there’s the abundant life part. You forgot the rest of the verse.”

The problem with memorizing Scripture, if I may be so bold, is that sometimes the wrong parts stick. I’d been so uber-focused on the steal/kill/destroy part of the verse in John that it had overshadowed completely the fact that God is a good and abundant God.

He is aware of what is needed and able to take care of those we love. He is not blind to what’s going on in our lives and the lives of others. He’s not caught by surprise with the challenges we face. He is rich in mercy, lovingkindness and grace. And he’s like superpowerful, to use the theological term, capable of accomplishing what seems impossible.

So, in my head, I made up a counter-ditty for the God Team.


The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. But Jesus comes to heal, build and give joy.  Heal, build and give joy. That’s what He does. That’s what He’s all about. That’s who He is, what His character contains. Resurrection power, unending love and unlimited resources.

I’d like to work on memorizing t h a t.

Here’s a picture I made in case you need to remember, too. heal, build and give joyThis week look for Scriptures as you read that focus on God’s capabilities, his care and his concern. See how it turns your prayers around and then let me know how it goes;  I’d love to hear about it.


  1. I just journaled about John 10:10 recently–a verse that was the theme of a youth conference way back when I WAS a youth! Now, each time I come across it I’m prone to reflect how Jesus has fulfilled his words over the years since. God’s presence through it all–his enablement, strength, guidance, wisdom, provision, and more–is what has given life its fullness. I am so thankful for the God-enhanced abundance he supplies! With you, I’ve allowed worry and what-if scenarios to push me off-center now and then. But praise God he brings us back with such scriptures as John 10:10! An uplifting post, Jody–thank you!

  2. “Heal, build, and give joy . . . Amen!”my new antidote to “lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” 🙂 Thanks, Jody!

    • Oh yes, it works against lions, tigers and bears as well, Laurie. 🙂

  3. So good Jody!!! So good 🙂

    • Thank you, Amy. …the words poured out pretty quickly once I started.


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