Winter Don’t Go Quite Yet

by | Mar 20, 2013 | Life & Faith | 5 comments

redtwig dogwood, my yard, renton wa
outside in this open sky 
gratitude falls 
I hear:
more bird sounds,
amidst the branches,
waking up to more light.
windchimes slight
in the breeze,
their delicate sound
a witness to the wind.

I see:
a dull palette of 
varying grays-
the distant view 
so very much
like yesterday–
Stark, empty branches
a sticking place 
for the hummingbird
whose darting ways
I can only glimpse
because there is no green yet.
A godsend,
this view
how the empty lines and limbs
make room for seeing
what else might
fall from the sky.
What have I been missing?
This post is a response to Chapter 5 ‘Sky/Gratitude’ from God in the Yard by LL Barkat. The words keep prompting me to see and hear in a completely new way.
Linking for the first time with “Tell His Story” 
over at Jennifer Lee’s…..because this is just the beginning.


  1. Beautiful post Jody; every season is a gift from God and we have to see the beauty in them all! I think this is the first post I have seen that appreciates winter; ha! Blessings to you for sharing and bringing me to an attitude of thankfulness for a season that I always wish away! 🙂

    But still…..happy spring!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Jody- What a beautiful tribute to the season of winter and the God of the seasons! Lovely photo and such deep truth…I will be mulling this one over again and again…what am I missing by pressing on to the future…this moment is perfect in the Lord!

  3. This is lovely, Jody. It's hard to hang onto joy and contentment in seasons not to our liking. For me, it's summer – the heavy, humid, oppressive summers of the deep south. I cling to winter and early spring and feel the pressure of summer's approach. We've already had days in the upper 80's – and I want to cry. It's one more reason why God gave me a camera. As I look back on my archived photos, the ones I love the most were taken during the summer. How grateful I am that He gives us eyes to see beauty (in winter for you and summer for me). xox

  4. I like how you are living in the moment here. Me? I'm all like, “hurry up spring!” but you've picked the wiser way, appreciating the gift of now. I'm so glad you've linked up!

  5. Well I do have to admit that the very first thing I saw outside my window this morning was a pair of cardinals, brilliant against the naked branches in which they perched.

    But still. Bring on some new life! Spring! Sun! Warmth! Color! 🙂


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