Jigsaw Puzzles as a Prayer

Every year at Christmas our kids get my husband and I a jigsaw puzzle. This year Santa pitched in and we actually ended up with three puzzles--birds, the beach and kites--our three favorite things. A great Friday night date for my husband and I is to build a fire, turn on the music and puzzle away….a simple, quiet joy [...]

God Can’t Make You But You Can Let Him

Just when you think there’s going to be a breather between some professional sports championship or another, a new season starts. Remember the Sweet Sixteen in basketball? Done. Now we have baseball to think about. Our Seattle Mariners have already played several games—they’re about even for wins and losses—but I still can’t get used to [...]

Why Slow Starts are Best (or, Typing as Therapy)

"For who knows how, Better than he that taught us first to Plough, To guide our Mind and Pens for his Design? And he makes base things usher in Divine." John Bunyan, the Author's Apology for His Book, Pilgrim's Progress I wrote at the beginning of this year about starting small, starting now when leaning [...]

How Can I Get into ‘The Christmas Spirit?’

“So take up what we’ve been given Welcome the edge of our days Hemmed in by sunrise and sunset By our youth and by our age Thank God for our dependence Here’s to our chasm of need And how it binds us together In faith and vulnerability This cup, this cup I wanna drink it [...]

Summer is for Listening

"My soul, wait silently for God alone; for my expectation is from Him." Psalm 62:5 "How slow many are to learn that quietness is blessing, that quietness is strength, that quietness is the source of the highest activity--the secret of all true abiding in Christ! Let us try to learn it and watch out for [...]