Contemplate {a #poem}

I’ve no chisel but this pen
chipping at paper like stone,
carving words, not to build but bend
graphite like steel, curve the bones

(Dear God, not break) but lay in place and then
form a space to hold a new edifice,
sculpt and rest and tap some more
while You hand me bricks to begin, restore.
The word contemplate is from the Latin, and literally means to carve out a temple, from the two parts-‘com’ and ‘templum,’ i.e. an “intensive space.”

Words are swirling everywhere lately and the voices are l o u d. Seems no matter where I turn there is something to fear whether it’s danger, discord or disease. I feel helpless and wonder if my words will matter, whether what I have to say makes a difference when people are actually dying. 

Then I pick up my pen to pour my heart out on the page. God’s quiet whispers remind me to use what’s in my hand. So I “chisel” away the best I can, carving out time and space to hear Him in His temple, this world right where He is.

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3 thoughts on “Contemplate {a #poem}

  1. “sculpt and rest and tap some more” — a line, an intention, a gesture to concentrate the heart amid uproar. Thank you, Jody.

  2. Much to ponder here, Jody. I did not know the origins of our word “contemplate.” Fascinating! I love the imagery of carving out a temple in our thoughts, in particular for the deep things of God. Perhaps the best words to carve out now are framed in prayer–for our leaders, for truth to be plain to see and lies exposed, for wisdom to win over foolishness, for God’s protection over innocent people in harm’s way, and for the willingness to adopt/allow best practices that foster thriving communities–already proven to work. Most of all, we need to pray for revival. “Jesus is the answer,” as Andre Crouch used to sing!

  3. can’t type much. very dizzy, but this really helped me. thank you!

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