The early morning light is unrolling across the sky. Birds make their announcements in the treetops and I stand on my deck, cup of coffee in hand to take it in.

My Lover is here.  My Jesus, speaking to me through the birdsong and new sky day.  The night before was full of restless thoughts and loss of sleep.  Worrying prayers, speculations and high imaginations filled my mind.

I did not got to bed happy.
But I woke up with a heart full of hope.  
I have no idea how it happened, except for my Jesus.
I love the way He loves me, how He woos me with His presence, through His power.  

The reality of God’s speaking to me is tangible but elusive, hard to wrap words around but as touchable as this chair on which I sit.

I want more of it.  I want more of Him.
Three years ago I started reading a very old book (1916, Cora MacIlravy, Christ and His Bride) about the Song of Solomon. I’ve been consuming the words like small pieces of rich chocolate truffles ever since.

You know the kind–feathery filling surrounded by the just-right shell of dark chocolate or white–large enough to slice in fours and nibble on one at a time.
Each is a morsel of loveliness; you hate to get to the last piece, because then the enjoyment will be over.

Reading about God’s love for me through this classic book has been like that–discovering in the passages the richness of my Saviour is delicious beauty for my soul.

I had no idea a love affair could be like this.

My friend Judy Hansen, counselor, guide, mentor, says, 
“You don’t study a love letter.  You read it over and over again.”
If you’re looking at God’s word, take the word ‘study’ out.”

When Song of Solomon was written centuries ago, the ancient Hebrews accepted it as the allegory it was–a picture of God’s intimacy with and pursuit of His children Israel.

Twentieth century scholars adopted a cleaner (safer?) approach, commenting that God intended for the text to be used as instructions to married people about how to have really great sex.

Well, there’s that.

And it was helpful in a way, releasing Christians from some of the unspoken taboos that had been carried into marriage relationships.

Married sex can be enjoyable.
It is a good thing.
It is a God thing.

But I think we miss the point.  I think the mystery of God in a marriage is a picture of the intimacy He desires to have with US.  (Ann Voskamp agrees–she wrote an entire chapter about this in her book ‘1,000 Gifts.’ I am in good company.)

The bottom line?  God is after us. He is wooing us. He is crazy about us.

“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth:
for thy love is better than wine.
Because of the savor of they good ointments
thy name is as ointment poured forth,
therefore do the virgins love the:
Draw me, we will run after thee:
the King hath brought me into his chambers:
we will remember thy love more than wine:
the upright love thee.”  Song of Solomon 1:2-4

Let’s GO after Him with all we have, as He has sweet and perfect somethings to whisper in our ears. 
He has tenderness and healing to offer. 
He has the bright songs to bring on the wings of a bird or a sunrise but most especially through His love letter to us–the Word of God.

I want to be with Him. 
I want to be changed.  
I want to be His.

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