I am terrible at remembering details. And for most of my life as a believer, I could not recall Scripture verses no matter how I tried, where they were or what they said. I’d go looking for a passage and the ‘address’ would escape me. I’d mumble, “It’s in the Bible….well, it’s in the Old Testament. No, New Testament. Well, it’s in the Bible.”

Or something like that. 

It bothered me that my brain lacked what I needed to memorize Scripture.

All of that changed in February of 2009 when I visited a friend’s Bible Study. I had a super Holy Ghost touch that went right through me, Spirit Soul and Body. (For those of you who want to stop reading now, I totally understand if it makes you uncomfortable.)

But it’s true—I had a live encounter with the power of God that cleaned me out, healed me and set my mind free.  I don’t know how else to say it. (You can read more about it here.)  Since that healing touch from God I remember stuff; and happily I remember where things are in the Bible. I am pretty amazed.

I knew God’s word was my daily bread but for 40 some years I couldn’t keep it in my system.  Now I’m excited about feasting daily on the manna God has for me.
My discovery?
I joined an online group called Do Not Depart via their website and Facebook. The group is led by the encouraging and inspirational Lisa Burgess, a loosely organized 300 + member group that is centered on one thing—soaking in God’s Word.

Not to be perfect about it. ‘Cause we are So Not….trust me, we’ve talked about this as we write our success stories or our “I am so behind, I wanna give up” posts.
We’re not participating to prove how smart we are. ‘Cause we are So Not. (see above).

It is because I know (we know) that if even one little seed of God’s LIVING WORD 
stays and grows in my Spirit that when I need that seed, 
watered over time, I’ll be able to ‘pick’ the fruit of it 
when I need it the most.

We finished memorizing Isaiah 55 a few weeks ago and our Summer challenge is John Chapter 15, The ‘Abide’ chapter. The Vine and Branches chapter.  The one with the verses you probably already have heard a hundred times or more.

One way of memorizing that works for me is to print out the verses on little cards, put them on a key ring and read them out loud while I ride my stationery bike in the morning. I learn best while I’m moving…..maybe that’d work for you.

I’d encourage you to join us. There are only 27 verses—we’re reviewing two per week—and we’re starting Week Two today (June 9th).  It’s not too late.  

(p.s. I just checked the Facebook page–there are 415 members!)
Everything’s easier in Community–join us?
You can sign up here.
Think you can’t do it?  Life too busy? Need more encouragement?
Read my (irl) friend Christy Krispin’s take on the importance of being in God’s Word–
her blog post is called ‘Baby Powder on my Bible.’
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