Car Talk (or How to NOT write a blasé blog post)

photo by my friend Leah Richardson–
Chick at the Computer

So I’m hopping in my car for the trip over to my brother’s house to water the plants and feed the cats (more on that another day) and I’m oh-so-bummed. I hate it that I’m so bummed.  But I am.

There is a line under my post from Monday
‘No Comments’ it reads.

Zero. Zip. Nada. Zilch.

Not one–Even from my faithful readers and always-kind strangers.

Well, ouch. That’s embarassing….

As I mull this over, God begins to speak to me. (‘Cause under my breath, I’ve been wondering/asking…)

“Um, so your blog the other day?  There was that very cool photo you took, but then it was just cutting and pasting the lyrics from a worship song you sang in church yesterday.

You didn’t write anything.

Now I know you felt My touch during worship–the parts in the song about being filled when you’re empty, rescued and healed when you’re broken.
Yeah, that was Me.
But those thoughts were for you.  They were your bread, not a meal for someone else.”

Yeah, God talks to me like that.

“Oh,” I think.

“Not everything is a blog post.”

(really?) Oh.

He speaks again, “When I give you something to write, and trust me–I will,  WRITE IT. 
Do the hard work. 

I gave you this gift to share, but it’s not like pouring water out of pitcher.
It’s  more like building a house. My house.

You’ve got the idea and the plans and the tools, now DO something with them.

Sweat a little.  Pound a little. Make a mistake, pull the nails out and try to hit it again.
Go back and check your plans–did you write everything down right?
Can people see Me through the windows in your writing?
No shortcuts allowed. Don’t just slap something together because it’s the first thing on top of your head.”


So, I remind myself….

  • Go as deep and in depth as needed to connect with others.
  • Take the manna for your food and share the cool drinks with others.
  • And do the hard work to TAKE THE TIME to tell a story.

(and be the Chick at the computer).  Smile.

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7 thoughts on “Car Talk (or How to NOT write a blasé blog post)

  1. This is such sound truth you learned. It does take work, doesn't it?

    Love the O'Neill quote. Thanks for sharing it with me.

    PS. I love post like this that tell your story and what you are learning.

  2. Thank you, Shelley. Yes, we can all relate. It's interesting to me, in this blogging/writing land, it is clear we are communicators–we TELL people things. Many people think it or feel it but don't say it….So, we are reminded (talking to myself, too!) to keep our eyes on Jesus–our audience of one.
    I appreciate you stopping by.

  3. LOVED this … and one who often has no comments I get this … lol But it's so interesting b/c I'll see people who will say, “Oh I read your blog – I love it' or just last week somebody said, “I'm going to print all your blog posts and send them to a publisher to have them put into a book' … really – even though I get very little comments …but you just never know what's going on in the heart of a reader. But thanks for prompting me to think deeper.

  4. Jean, I appreciate your comments–thank you 🙂 It IS a walk of obedience, trying anew each day. SO thankful for God's grace and His fresh mercies each morning.

  5. Mary–you are so right about Spirit-led writing. I do pray about it all and ask the Father to confirm what's supposed to be 'in'….I'm always working on listening better.
    Thanks for your kind words.

  6. I love your honesty and the fun spirit that comes through your writing. I get so hung up on number on my blog sometimes and lord help me if someone unsubscribes, ha! Thank you for being obedient in your writing…

  7. YES- but Spirit inspired writing is a little scary in that it can make us feel like we're laying our necks on the chopping block= we are vulnerable when we share from that place, for sure.
    BUT I agree, when it comes straight from the father Heart of God, it touches the hearts and hurting places of readers deeply and can be very powerful- so- YES- go for it- in God.
    You will be amazed how many are blessed by the time you take to HEAR Him for hour readers.
    Many blessings as you step out more and more.

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