Early Weekend–Take me Away

by | Mar 14, 2013 | Life & Faith | 10 comments

Stitching together my Sabbaths in chunks of time, because that is all I have in the midst of our current remodeling project, and reading God in the Yard by LL Barkat (TSPoetry Press), I was moved to write this as I sat down outside the other day.

Father, thank you that in the midst of cardboard
containers stacked in front of me at every turn,
in the face of holes in the wall
left by switching wires and cables 
and things that must be plugged in,
paperwork crammed in a basket out of my reach….
that I MUST 
get away
to be with you,
rather than face the fixing.

I must.

It is in these times of finding you,
your peace, your voice to me
like a spring of water 
oozing life in little sips
when I need it, soaking the rest of my days;
this–this is what has sustained me,
kept my head (and my heart) 
in the right place instead of 
just freaking out.

I can see why Jesus,
in the face of needy, broken, 
messy multitudes,
did NOT stand
there and try to DO
but instead stole time away 
to be with you, 
filling him with power 
by changing his perspective.

Getting away
trains us Who to long for
teaches us where to look
  tells us what to listen for.

I’m listening…..how about you?

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  1. I'm listening too. This was such a powerful line:
    I MUST
    get away
    to be with you,
    rather than face the fixing.

    How often do we try to fix situations, people, ourselves, rather than being with Him?

    Good words. May your boxing days be fewer, soon!

  2. Love the photo, Jody. As usual, of course. And, yes, no matter what is on our plate all around and about us, all we can trust on is hearing His instructions, His Words to us. An everydayness of life necessity… the only way we can truly make it through.

    Thank you… Bless your day.

  3. Oh, I love that last stanza…. it's so wonderful to “get away' with Him! 🙂

  4. Perfect, Jody. Just perfect.

  5. Lovely, Jody. Truly. Thank you.

  6. Oo, Jody, I do get this! When I went through this, the holes in the walls, well, the walls even pulled down around me, I needed the same thing, desperately—and didn't take enough of it! Not wise! Glad you are “In the Yard” with God! And I love this piece.

  7. Oh, I so need to quit doing and just get away…hard with young ones. I do my best though in the morning. I love when he speaks to me in those moments. My heart can't help but do a happy dance.

  8. I love your writing. It is beautiful! Just to be with Him, is a blessing. If He granted nothing else, except His Presence, it would be too much. Blessings to you! Found you on Faith Barista.

  9. Jody- Loved this…love the invitation to get away…I am having a home day today…getting ready to pop a movie in and just relax…

  10. Don't you just love that book? It changed me. To steal away instead of doing. We need to *do* that more.


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