Give Us, Keep Us

                  Keep us, Lord, hungry for truer things.
                 Keep us thirsty for life your living water brings.



Keep us searching for You, the Spring.
Keep us wanting to worship You, our King.
Give us ears that sense Your voice,
Eyes to see beyond the noise
Hands that serve and choose to rejoice
Hearts to bend, making a choice.
Give us, keep us, use us, teach us.
Fountain, San Antonio Botanical Garden, Jacob’s Well-Wimberley, TX,
Mt. Rainier, ‘North’, Ruby Beach WA.
All c. J.L. Collins 2012

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8 thoughts on “Give Us, Keep Us

  1. Donna, thank you. Sometimes when God pours things into me and I write them down I just have to trust the Holy Spirit is leading.
    So glad it touched you.

  2. Gorgeous photos – and even more gorgeous words! May we always be hungry for the truer things!

  3. The words and pictures are amazing. So good for my soul to take in this morning!
    Stopping by from Getting Down with Jesus.

  4. I got goose bumps reading the last lines of the poem. “Hands that serve and choose to rejoice
    Hearts to bend, making a choice.” Oh my. Choosing to rejoice and bending hearts. Beautiful.

  5. Thank you so much for reading my blog post and your kind comments. And wow.. what a refresher it was to read this post. beautiful poem and beautiful pictures. Thank you! God bless you!!!

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