The other morning I was lamenting to the Lord–
accounting to Him the dearth of any time set aside to
feed myself
emotionally, mentally, spiritually–
(forgetting that He already knows)
and glanced out the window at the birds.
(not these birds…….this is snow from a few years back…)
but birds ignoring the rain,
balancing on the fence,
swooping from the roof to the feeders,
hopping on the grass,
pecking the ground
all about my yard.
In the rain.
Pouring rain.
Cold. Dark. Sopping ground. Wet.
(Did I mention the rain?) It matched my dark mood.
Then God spoke very clearly and simply to my heart…..
“I feed the birds; don’t worry, I’ll feed you.”
“I will feed you.”
“Look at the birds of the air;
they do not sow nor reap or store away in barns,
and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.  
Are you not much more valuable than they?”
The Gospel of Matthew
Chapter 6, verse 26
I am clinging to those words.
Linking with Sandy for Still Saturday 
and with the friends at The Sunday Community
(hosted by Laura this week).
More lovely photos and encouragement there.
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