Made Things

Heart Work

Lovely Lydia
dipped cloth 
in indigo dye,
dressing royalty
in the Kingly color
of the day.
I am wrapped
today in color 
but it is another
scarlet red
covering me
in impossibly 
laundered linens
purchased by the Savior King
who died
descending into darkness,
bursting forth in
a blaze of Color that is Not–
Purest White.
Linking with Emily on this ‘Love’ day
 and Tweetspeak Poetry for their 
February Indigo prompt.

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  • Nancy Ruegg

    What beautiful imagery you've created, Jody. From red to black, to white–a miraculous transformation indeed. Thank you for the poignant reminder that brings back the wonder–my sins paid for by the blood of Jesus and the sacrifice of his life, my salvation from death guaranteed by his resurrection into dazzling,white-robed glory!


    “Purchased by our Savior” … a wonderful Valentines thought for all of us.


  • Emily Wierenga

    i love this line: impossibly laundered linens… yes. he does the impossible. thank you jody. and that picture is beautiful!

  • Jody Lee Collins

    Karin–'the blood showers down'–I never thought it that way.
    'Scarlet rain.' your words (and pictures) are always so beautiful. Thank you, friend.

  • Jody Lee Collins

    Thank you, Kel. I'm no artist–God just gave me that picture, I had some paint and paper and well….you know how that goes. 🙂

  • HisFireFly

    love,love, love this…
    the blood showers down
    scarlet rain that transforms and purifies

  • Kel Rohlf

    Beautiful imagery of the blood in art and word! I have always wondered the same thing about blood dipped robes becoming white or are sins be cleansed by blood because blood stains…I like how you incorporated the Lent season color into your poem 🙂

  • happygirl

    I love the words that remind me I am washed in the blood. Great thoughts on this day honoring LOVE.

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