Heavenly Arithmetic

“David began his arithmetic, in the 14th verse (of Psalm 71) with addition:
“I will yet praise Thee more and more”;
but he is fairly beaten in this first rule of sacred mathematics.
His calculation fails him; 
the mere enumeration of the Lord’s mercies
overwhelms his mind; he owns his inadequacy.
Reckon either by time, by place, or by value,
and the salvation of God baffles all powers of estimation.”
Charles Spurgeon on Psalm 71, Treasury of David
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3 thoughts on “Heavenly Arithmetic

  1. Spurgeon is right–no matter how we reckon God, He baffles, but we can't forget that, in spite of the unknowing, we know.

  2. This is the 2nd time this week that I have run across Psalm 71 in a blog post…. off to read it in full. Obviously, He wants me to.

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