How to Get a Life

Idols I know–those man made (me made?) forms–lifeless, a poor rendering of the real. Not-gods I’ve erected to take THE God’s place.

Yes, these I know–overeating, too much chocolate, shopping when I don’t need to for clothes I already have.  For many, many years in my walk with Jesus I was an expert at avoidance, steering myself in any other direction but towards the God I said I loved.

Kind of silly when I know I was created to connect with Him.  There were definitely some gaps in our relationship for way too long.

But He pursued me, wooing me with His Spirit, calling me back. Five years ago this month I had a powerful, personal, on my face encounter with God that radically changed my love life. Laughter on the carpet for 15 minutes. Seriously.

Back in my room, my first response to this God with whom I had to do was to repent. Repent from my sins, the avoidance, the justifications, the running away to shop–the sin of pursuing other gods, for that’s what it was.  

After repentance, there was a cleansing.  I felt like I could breathe again (had I been holding my breath all these years, or living on stale air?)

My desire for God’s presence intensified, my love for His Word increased. My spare moments were filled with time for Jesus, the words He spoke over me and to me filled pages in my journal, the revelation of His Word rocked my world daily.

And then I found Facebook.

Now, how ironic that the very avenue which has opened up a myriad of doors to connect virtually–and in real life–with like-minded people would also be my undoing.

Well duh, why not?

I often justify the involvement (and if we are Facebook friends, please excuse me in advance), “Why, I’m building relationships, advancing the kingdom, making connections, sharing Jesus.  Isn’t the Internet grand?”

But here’s where I find my falling down.

I’d much rather jump into a conversation about tea or the weather or get carried away joining a mutual rant-a-thon than click the red “X” and maybe miss something that was said.  There is a tempting trail of words that pull me in, distract me and hand me empty. Not bad, just well, empty.

Now, if you know me online please realize this is not about you, because I love you all, I truly do.  This time it IS all about me. About what the Holy Spirit is refining in me, re-focusing, re-everything in me.

I can’t live the Jody life God called me to if I’m all wrapped up in your life.  
I need to get my OWN life, the one Jesus promised me when I turn away from that idol Monsieur FB and walk towards the life God has right in front of me.

It could be a walk in the woods nearby or a walk out on my deck.  Or even a walk to the other side of the room away from a screen.  Maybe I should be doing the dishes and praying FOR you instead of chatting with you.

Perhaps I need time alone to think, read the Word, ask my Jesus what He would say–because He’s got an opinion.  Or maybe I just need to sit and listen to Him smile. (You can hear him smile, right?).

That’s what I truly long for.  That’s what I’m made for.
Sometimes I just forget.
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20 thoughts on “How to Get a Life

  1. Jody- Such a good reminder…I moved my FB icon to the second page of my apps on my phone and put the online bible in its place as reminder that I am prone to bow to other gods…God helps us and gives us tangible ways to say no to other gods and YES to HIM! So glad He gave each one of us a life to live for Him and with Him and through Him!

  2. visiting from Jennifer Duke's blog….l am off FB until Easter, my longest break yet. i thought it would be easy, its not. i have failed and taken a peek here and there. I am finding its a bigger, stronger, idol than I first thought. Thankfully there is forgiveness every time I fail and through it all God is exposing parts of my heart that are not fully His. destroying idols is not for the faint of heart. ��

  3. So much here, Jody. Many of our innovations, our shortcuts, our conveniences–they are double-edged swords. I know the Internet (for instance) really CAN be a tool for spiritual connection, but it can also serve as the “path of least resistance,” lulling us away from a heartfelt pursuit of our Lord.

  4. When facebook first came out … there was a group of women that made a commitment to face THE BOOK before they faced … facebook. I know it is more than just that … but sometimes just saying no to facebook until later in the day helps. But it is not easy.


  5. Karrilee, I didn't know I felt like that until I typed the words out. Isn't that funny, what's buried inside us? Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Jody,

    Nice to meet you. I'm hopping over from Emily's IP link up. Oh, the idols conversation. We've been having that in a recent Bible study. I find there are so many of them that creep into my life.

    I smiled and enjoyed your story of coming to know Jesus five years ago, and of the laughter that was part of that.

    Have a great week,
    Jennifer Dougan

  7. Love this… your honesty here, your encounter that changed your love relationship with Him… and this: “had I been holding my breath all these years, or living on stale air?” So much Amen!

  8. truth spoken for me thank you. its fitting in and the approval of feeling worthy that keeps Facebook at the finger tips ready. thank you for sharing

  9. My word for the year is 'anchor' and I just keep smiling at the Holy Spirit's prompting. He is bringing me back again and again to safe harbors, no matter how much I drift. Thanks for reading, friend.

  10. Elizabeth, the pastor I heard on Sunday in Vancouver shared these words, which went straight to my heart: “You can only hear a quiet voice in a noisy world if you're listening for wisdom.” Eccles. 9:17,18. Of course I tweeted it. 🙂

  11. Yes, I get this, I do. It's a constant laying down and surrender to Him. You wrote it well Jody, thankful for you.

  12. Yup, I get this. Finding out way to a healthy balance. Let's see, where have I said that before?? Oh, yeah. . . with just about EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE. Blessings as you figure this one out, Jody. Keep us posted. Carefully. :>)

  13. ah yes, Senor Facebook and his sexy ways of pulling us in
    ake the time with Jesus, first, last, everything
    promise we'll stay in touch somehow 😉

  14. Some people might think that an idol is glaringly obvious. But often, they take the form of things that can be blessings — such as relationships, IRL or online. That's the tricky thing about idols — how well they disguise themselves. I am praying for each of us in the Love Idol Movement, that we can identify those fine lines, and stay on the right side of them.

    Really grateful for your words, Jody.

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