Hunting for Red in October, 3rd Edition

Our summer was VERY long here in the Pacific Northwest and it’s been harder to find the beauty of red that I’m used to this time of year…So I really did have to hunt.  
(You can see my first two ‘Hunting for Red’ posts here and here.)
this plant is called a ‘burning bush’ plant and should be entirely red by now.  
Only a few leaves have obliged.
‘Cardinal Flower’ still in bloom in the garden.

Chocolate Cosmos, purply, really…

the twigs of the dogwood
berries on the hawthorn tree

spikes of chard–magenta, really

my neighbor’s holly bush (really!)

and the only red maple leaf I could find.  
We normally have stands of red in neighborhoods already;
I think they’ll be turning a little late, I guess.
And the best red, the blood of Jesus. My watercolor attempt to
show what beauty flowed from the cross.

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6 thoughts on “Hunting for Red in October, 3rd Edition

  1. Oh Jody! So beautiful. I love Fall and the red hues that are found there. And the golden ones too. <3

  2. I would have to say God's creation is beautiful and inspiring, Nancy. I'm just getting better at noticing. Thanks for reading.

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