I glance up from my desk at the Infographic I drew last year.  It’s taped to the pencil holder.

“One Year with God”I wrote across the top.

The months are drawn in small squares around a hub like spokes in a wheel, a cycle of moments, days, weeks all adding up to a year.

I am a very big-picture, sort of all-at-once thinker.  I like to have all the pieces in plain view SO I KNOW WHERE I’M GOING.

When I have that little piece of paper to refer to, it helps me center myself, see if I’m on track.

It only took me about 40 years to get a handle on this cycle—forty years of not living in a straight line, of watching life patterns and practices over time show up rather expectedly, like the seasons.

Will you join me  over BibleDude.net today to finish the story? It’s my first official post  there and I would be honored to visit with you there in the comments.
I’m talking about God’s assurance of hearing Him say ‘yes, you’re right where you should be.’

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