It’s Almost Here–Hearts on Pilgrimage-Poems & Prayers

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It’s the fourth day of Christmas and I’m sitting at my dining table while shadows play on the Advent wreath and the dishwasher hums.

The post-holiday lull has begun, that in-between time where memories of enjoying my family’s company, complete with six noisy grandkids, partner with a looking-forward frame of mind to a new year and a new book.

Hearts on Pilgrimage-Poems & Prayers is allllmoooost finished; the final touches are being added to the cover and I am working on the electronic download of the book as well.  Since I’m self-publishing the process is a little nerve-wracking as all the details of content, design and cover are up to me (and a remarkable design gal for who I am eternally grateful.) Come mid-January we should be ready to launch. I so look forward to having some poetic inspiration available and in readers’ hands soon. The book will be available on Amazon and orderable wherever books are sold.

If you’d like be one of the first to receive an announcement of the book’s release, just click HERE.

In the meantime, may I offer you the title poem?


Since I am coming to that holy room…

            I shall be made thy music. -John Donne

Our journey home begins

daily with the sun. And a map.

Oriented by true north, that

compass which magnets

us in subtle, insistent ways, we move.

Deep and invisible, His song draws

us on as we come ’round again

in a thousand turns to the sound

of that voice.

We are Peregrinus, pilgrims

wandering place to place,

straining for an echo of melody,

words to a song we forgot we knew.

Forever we crease and fold our maps,

spilling tea as we travel, stain and blur

lines as we learn the way.

We look up. Scan the signs,

slow down, take note.


No. Not a map, a musical score,

vellum notes traced over time

played on heart’s harp, tuning

our ears ever more finely to the

pitch, not of His voice, but His tent,

that dwelling place where we finally

meno with Him. Home at last.


  1. Oh Nancy, I’m so glad I sent you looking for that word. I’ve known its origin for a number of years and thought it was indeed perfect. I am so grateful for the original ‘Abide’ where we first met! Thank you for cheering for me–I look forward to sharing these poems with you and everyone else.

  2. Had to look up “meno;” so glad I did. Found out it means abide; tarry; to be held, kept, continually. To meno with God IS to find the ultimate home. And of course, “abide” reminds me of the retreat by that name, 2015, when we were able to meet! I also love the line about “vellum notes traced over time.” For me that conjures up the image of ancient chronicles recorded eons ago. At my age, old journals equate to vellum notes! And I would dare affirm they have tuned my ear to the pitch of His tent where I enjoy meno-ing (!). Congratulations on completing another book, Jody. I know your poetry will bless, encourage, and inspire many hearts.


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