I’ve Been Asking {a #poem}

I’ve been asking Jesus, 
because He said I could
about a Five Year Plan–
like a plannable annuity
with a guaranteed return
on my investment.
As if….
as if a sure answer for
my tomorrows would
bring me peace today.
He whispers instead what’s doable–
The five hour plan–
a clump of time allotted to,
say, oh, baking a pie.
Manageable, like a tried and true
gather ingredients
check oven
double check recipe
slice, mix, roll, bake.
Voila, a pie, sure as shootin’
Only took a few hours.

Yes, I asked Jesus about
what’s ahead…on down
the road, over the hill,
in the future
and of course (you guessed it)
He handed me a peach.
“Use what’s in your hands,” He said,
“Use what’s in your hands.”

The issue of ‘calling’ has been on my mind and this poem sort of poured out a few weeks ago.  
I’m honored to have a piece over at the Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood this week talking about just that thing.
About the poem: the first line in is a prompt from The Mischief Cafe
a book of inspiration and how-to’s, sort of a peoplehood of the traveling poems kind of book from Tweetspeak Poetry. 
You can read more about The Mischief Cafe here.

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One thought on “I’ve Been Asking {a #poem}

  1. Thank you, Jody, for the timely reminder as I cut-and-paste, read stories, play tag, and change diapers for a two-year old (our granddaughter). What's in my hands is a pliable spirit of a future generation–worth putting aside personal dreams for! God will take care of those soon enough, according to his timetable. Here at my desk is a Post-It on which I've copied: “Walk by faith in God's promise for tomorrow.” It gives me hope–and patience!

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