From My Journal #2–Getting Good Grades

Nothing is FINAL
There is always a new day, a new chance

Noting is FATAL
You won’t die; this experience won’t kill you

Nothing is FUTILE
Even if you’ve blown it, you can learn from this; God uses it all.

Bottom line: We have to believe what Jesus says about us 
instead of what we think of ourselves.

From my journal August 29, 2007.
First ‘from my journal’ post is here.

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One thought on “From My Journal #2–Getting Good Grades

  1. May I add another verse? “Nothing is FOREVER. Time often brings forgiveness and forgetfulness.” I'm thinking of my mother's wise counsel after a disappointing grade in calculus. She asked me, “Will this grade matter in ten years?” Imagining myself in my late twenties, I could guess that high school calculus would no longer be very important. Mom helped me put the grade in perspective. Each verse of your poem does that beautifully, Jody–gives fresh perspective to the disappointments and challenges of life. Thank you! I'm going to keep a copy in the back of my Bible study notebook–just in case!

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