I’m recuping from a terrible cold and sinus infection, drowsing through the days with a head full of stuffed cotton.  Yesterday I started feeling myself again–Today? Well, I’m almost back to normal.

Hallelujah!  I can go play outside.

And it’s a beautiful day to play.  My friend Laura Boggess coined the phrase ‘Playdates with God’ on her blog over 3 years ago. Once a week she intentionally takes time to see God in the middle of the ordinary and the extraordinary, whether it’s a noon time concert or a walk in the woods, a free day at the Art Museum or playing with watercolors.

Something to take her away from the lists and the never-ending to do’s of our grown up American life.
She wants you to come along too, so she took her beautiful words and ideas and put them in a book, coming out this week.  And not a moment too soon.

‘Playdates with God’  is a treatise on how to return to (or discover) our love affair with our Creator. An encouragement to take the time and make the time to be with the one we love.

“These moments when I attend to God are the moments 
that color returns back into my life and my breath is deep and sure.”

And who doesn’t want some color in their lives?  

Speaking of color, one object of her affection is God’s winged creations–the birds.
I’m also a little nuts about birds and relished the chance today to get outside on the deck and just sit and watch them.

Their antics made me laugh and their flight and landings were astonishing to behold.  A chickadee can cling sideways to a roofline, did you know that?
Have you ever heard the ‘whoosh’ of a band-tailed pigeon’s wings as she takes off from her perch?

Only God can do that.  I want to get better at taking time to notice, to thank Him for it, to slow myself down long enough to remember. Remember who He is, the joy of His love and the wonder of beauty He’s made in this world.

 The Chickadees

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