There is no flower on the
zucchini–I guess there will be
no more fruit.
It is time to put the garden to
bed, as Margaret says.

Fruit only comes in the right season
and we are not to be always producing.
there is stillness,
rest, tearing out,
covering up (mulch helps).
There is quiet, it is cooler
and less sun to see by day.

But the days are no shorter,
we still have the alloted 24 hours,
same time, just
a different direction defined
by deeper chores
putting down roots in the soil
of the Word.
Searching for living water
(no more drinks from the hose–
ever ready)
but putting forth the effort
to savor draughts from that well–
that is the work of the winter
months to come.

drinking deep in the darkening
waiting through winter
to Spring.

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