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Serving is a First Class Business

I was born and raised in Southern California, within bicycling and fireworks-watching distance of Disneyland. 
The summer I was 15-going-on-16, (the oldest of 5 children), my mother became a single parent.  It was 1968 and she was barely making ends meet.

Way Back Then many of my friends were working at Disneyland or cleaning the rooms in the myriad of hotels surrounding Walt Disney’s magical place.
Since I didn’t have quite the perfect American face, I never measured up to Magic Kingdom standards. But working as a maid? I could do that. But working as a maid? 
I could do that. Since I was still to young to  drive and my mother was not available to take me, I instead rode my bike to work.  It was about 5 miles or so up busy Harbor Boulevard in Anaheim to the vicinity of Disneyland and the surrounding hotels. 

Early each morning I arrived at my job ready to spray, clean, fluff and vacuum.

Won’t you click here to read the rest of the story?  I’m over at David Rupert’s place Red Letter Believers.

This post first appeared around Labor Day last year and then vanished from my site. Since the summer job hunting season is on the minds of many young people, I thought I’d re post. Enjoy!

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