Oh, Word of God, How do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

I love studying God’s Word, but I need help. And encouragement. Beth Moore’s Bible Studies do that. Our women’s group is going through ‘Children of the Day’ (I and II Thessalonians) right now and the words and Spirit are fresher than they’ve ever been.
This week Beth challenged us to write a letter to a friend, conveying in a paragraph what Scripture has meant to us personally.

Here’s what flowed from my pen(cil):

Why do I love God’s Word?  Because it is….
  • like a balm, healing my soul
  • like a bell, resonating with my spirit
  • like a song, a melody and rhyme just for me
  • like an anchor, holding me in place
  • like a bridge making a way across from where I am to where God is
  • like a fragrant perfume, drawing me to Him.

Those are just a few reasons why.

How about you–what do you love about God’s Word?
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10 thoughts on “Oh, Word of God, How do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

  1. I am doing this study in my church group too! We haven't gotten to this part, yet…looking forward to it, though.

  2. I love God's word because it is His love letter to a fallen world, to a fallen me. I love God's word because it is full of stories of people just like me who needed God's grace to redeem their story. I love God's word because it reveals that He is the Most High God, a God of love, a God of justice, mercy, holiness, and an amazing Creator that wants a relationship with me and with all of His creation.

  3. Kelly, the responses to this post have been like uncovering buried treasure–everyone has such jewels to share! I love your comment about the Bible affirming the power of story. I've been reading Laura Boggess' “Playdates with God” and some lines from last night's chapter resonated–“Jesus told such powerful stories because he lived a powerful life. What kind of stories do our lives tell? Do they show that Jesus is the hero of the story?”
    Thanks for your words here today.

  4. I love this Jody, I used to teach an Introduction to the Bible class and would often start by asking students to reflect on what the Bible was for them – your answers show the depth of time you've spent in the word. I love God's word because it is a product of God's partnership with humanity – the writing, copying, translating, etc even still today – God works through humans and this gives me hope. Also, I love the bible because it affirms the power of story, reveals the character of God and affirms our hope for redemption in all things.

  5. Oooh, I like all of your reasons, but my favorite is the anchor holding us in place. His word is such an encouragement to me because the things of this world cannot provide what I need and want, yet He can. His word gives me reason, faith, strength, peace, purpose, and so much more. His word is everything to me. Thank you for encouraging us to ponder this thought today.

  6. Nancy, thanks so much for adding your voice….this was such a lovely (short)piece to write and I'm enjoying everyone's part, too. I appreciate you.

  7. Oh, I'm loving these comments–Jody's, Kelly's and Janice's! My addition: I love God's Word because it reveals the heart and character of God my Father, it introduced me to Jesus, my Savior, and it instructs me how to live in accordance with the Spirit. Just reaffirming such truths encourages my spirit! Thank you, Jody.

  8. You speak for me too, Jody. I would add that God's Word never changes… but my understanding of it grows as the Author uses it to repeatedly wash the grime from my spirit.

  9. I love God's word because…
    . it is a lamp unto my feet
    . it reveals and heals
    . it inspires and encourages
    . it comforts and blesses me
    . it is true through and through
    . I find hope there
    . God himself is found there
    . it give me life and strength for the day

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