People Stack

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The people over at Tweetspeak Poetry led by the fearless LL Barkat recently engaged in a ‘Poem Stack’ exercise based on single words from geology, nature and so on.
I wanted to try my hand at it; here’s what I wrote at church this morning.  It’s a people stack. 
Yoga pants, striped, 
atop 2 inch heels
Bermuda shorts newcomer
French beret grandma
Hoodie wearing PE teacher
Teen, arms raised in praise 
Jamaican with a tambourine
Pastor in tennis shoes
Star Wars t-shirt piano player
Tattoos at the altar
Beard on guitar
Children in tow
on our way 
to Communion,
all stacked
on top
of the

*Interface by Phillip Levine. This bronze sculpture was acquired in 1982. It is located in Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park, Renton WA 

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  1. I love this, Jody!! And I'm glad you've added an email subscribe button, too.

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