Sabbath on the Page #3

by | Oct 1, 2013 | Life & Faith | 20 comments

These entries are a sporadic series of posts in response to a remarkable book that I read and journaled through in 2013–“God in the Yard”  by LL Barkat. It is about slowing and seeing and Sabbath.  You can order it here.

I am getting better at listening to that still, small Sunday voice that says, ‘Stop’, in the middle of all that calls to me to BE Done NOW. With a new teaching job and lesson plans and paperwork and computer entries….well, I could work all weekend.
But I did listen and went outside for 30 minutes to notice things. Here’s what Jesus gave me as I sat with my journal and my peach tea.

To a ‘T’
I have always eschewed tea cups as
bone china, fragile, gilt-edged
Smallish vessels, they hold no candle
to the authentic beverage container–
the mug.
Cylindrical, large-mouthed, sensibly-sized
receptacles for hot, liquid refreshment.
Or so I thought.

I choose this day instead,
in honor of a tea-drinking friend,
a long-distance homage to her presence–
the flower-bedecked, dainty handled,
Made in England model.
It is an “aha” moment.
The cup fits perfectly in my two open palms,
joined in holding the steaming, scented brew
to my lips.

The position does well
to warm my hands–
an added bonus, as I am
outside in the cold under cover
from the rain.
I feel a bit regal–and smart–
at my discovery.
Who knew?
Although those boorish mugs
have their place in a
cuppa jo kinda world–the
stronger the better–
there are times more perfectly suited
to the just right fit of a tea cup.
And here on a rain-soaked
Seattle Sunday in September
is one of those times, indeed.


My word for the year is ‘fit’.  I smiled when I finished this piece–how I fit in my Father’s hands….
Linking with sweet Jennifer and the Soli Deo gals.
Jennifer’s talking about drinking, too.  Another kind…


  1. Teacups are where it's at, Jody. So glad you've seen the light 🙂 So glad you paused long enough to notice that teacup in your hands, to grab it in the first place in honor of your distant friend. Lovely.

  2. Marilyn, thank you for stopping by. I'm learning to enjoy tea more and more. 🙂

  3. Lovely words that describe so well the perfect fit of a teacup.
    Adrienne sent me here.
    Delights of the Heart, who drinks tea out of all sorts of teacups.

  4. Ms. Kel, you are so sweet. I have needed all the support, believe me, and had a minor(gigantic) miracle today at work with a co worker….lots of challenges, changes and grace along the way. Thanks so much for your encouragement.

  5. lovely as ever…I have been thinking of you and praying for you as your transition into your new job! Hugs-Kel

  6. I inherited some dainty China tea cups…I love them and think of my grandmother in law as I drink…I struggle to drink my morning coffee in anything else…the meaning is different. Love to you sweet blog friend!

  7. This is just lovely. So glad to find you at SDG.

  8. I am learning to find the joy in things that I may not find practical. I am so easily swayed by the “get it done quick” that I MISS beauty in things like a fragile little tea cup. I'm going to notice something today.

  9. funny how a simple thing like the kind of cup can change how we feel about a beverage….I may be a convert soon. But the coffee's got a strong place in my heart. Thanks for reading, Elizabeth.

  10. Yes, I don't think I will ever look at teacups in the same way again.

  11. Tea in a china cup–a treat, for sure. Thanks for reading.

  12. Sweeeeet post. I'm a big cuppa jo kind of gal, but I've recently added a few dainties to my cup collection. It makes my coffee or tea feel like an event, instead of my morning drug to wake me up!

  13. Such truth in your poem … a perfect fit.

    your tea loving friend

  14. You write so beautifully! I could feel the warm cup in my hands and feel the chill. It 'fit' right in with your word too! I will be thinking of you and your lovely tea next time I have a cuppa!

    Love, Patty

  15. Love it… and it is a wonderful thing to enjoy tea in a china cup… it is a bit of English for us all.

  16. you fit in His hands more perfectly than you can ever imagine!
    loved this!

  17. I love this! There's something so special about a delicate teacup. Think I'll go choose a favorite and brew a good cup of tea before I begin this busy day!


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