Sabbathing-An Invitation

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This post is part of a sporadic series on a book I’m reading that is changing my life: God in the Yard, by LL Barkat. I will post my discoveries as I process them. This is not a book review, per se, but perhaps a book invitation…
I watch the clouds drift by on this sunless day, pushed by the wind.

The only reason I notice they’re moving is because I am sitting still.

I think about the children of Israel being led by God’s presence in a cloud by day and I think:
The only way to know if God is moving in your life is to be still.

God made the Sabbath for a reason.

It makes sense that the only way to notice the patterns or paths or cycles in your life is to do the same thing once a week-take a Sabbath–to mark your days.

Light a candle, draw a boundary around your time, even if it’s thirty minutes. Be purposeful and take a forced stop and in your intentionality, say, “This is the space where I made time to remember God.”

Otherwise, life goes in a straight line, back and forth, back and forth, and all we end up with instead of rest, is a rut.

I want rest.

I’m choosing Sabbath. 


  1. Thanks Jody, and yes please!
    Thanks for your point about obeying commands and intentionality- I agree- I keep my time with the Lord intentionally, for sure- but sitting waiting on Him to speak seems to work best for in the middle of the Summer holidays when I am away at the beach- I find my hyperactive mind a real pain often. However, when the Holy Spirit speaks and says- get down on your knees with pen and paper- i obey instantly- cos I know something is coming from God that I need to get down straight away. I just wish that could be an every day experience. Maybe if I retire at the end of the year- I will get better at it. Please help me God.

  2. I'm trying. Used to be more consistent. Then life kicked me inconsistently and I readjusted. Now… focusing on the Lord is my main focus… at least it should be.

    Thanks for reminding me.

  3. Must get this book, God in the Yard. I can see myself sitting in the backyard on a Sunday afternoon, being still, and knowing God in new ways. Thank you for the inspiration, Jody!

  4. Our [Messanic] Rabbi is fond of saying that “Shabbat (Sabbath) was not made for man, but rather man was made for Shabbat. I jumped over here from Jumping Tandem. Blessings to you on your journey.

  5. we took a two mile walk today and I purposely stayed off the computer. I didn't journal yet but that is how I honored the sabbath. I am so glad to be reading what other writers are doing to honor this day. It keeps inspiring me. The edges of crazy “get everything done” routines keeps trying to sneak into my Sabbath. Your words helped me hold the boundaries today. Thank you

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  7. Mary, I think intentionality/willpower have a lot to do with it. God's word to the children of Israel to take a Sabbath was a command….so I think it behooves us to pay attention when he speaks 🙂
    What a gift God gave you in the Healing Rooms–may it continue!

  8. Joanne, you're off to a good start. A five day retreat sounds just heavenly–hey, it might be……..

  9. Speaking of stillness, I just arranged to take a 5-day retreat and think that God in the Yard may be my companion…

  10. Do you know, I find it almost impossible to do: Be purposeful to take a forced stop.
    BUT- one day this week, after a visit to the Healing Rooms for some prayer ministry- I woke completely relaxed- and able to be still in His presence- it was amazing.
    Do you think we can ” get there” by will power?
    or does it come as a gift from God?

  11. Jody- Once again you have inspired me…I just ordered this book for myself and my sister…we need the stillness of Sabbath…just recently I was being still on the beach with my son and he said “look at the clouds, mom”…they were swirling and whirling at the edges…(he's almost 25 and it was refreshing that he still notices these things, too, and wants to point them out to his mother 🙂


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