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Summer Snapshot-A Photo Essay

I’ve not been very up close and personal with the family scrapbook-like sharing here in this space.  But since Jennifer Finding Heaven Ferguson asked……well, here’s how I was refreshed last weekend.  And praise Jesus it came just in the nick of time–it’s been a challenging summer.

Forthwith The Collins Family Swimming and Burger King Adventure
(with a little Julie Andrews thrown in at the end…you’ll see what I mean.)
Crazy Grandpa (my husband Bill) with youngest grandson Luke.
Hanan (too cool for school) in front. Abi to the left is a floating fish.
My son Aaron is behind him with Peter in the air,
and Courtney is trying to convince Paul it’s okay to be in the water.
Heathman Lodge in Vancouver WA.
We love the Heathman!
Luke Ezra–2 in October
Hanging out at Burger King with Nana
Son Aaron and wife Courtney
The Stately King and Queen of Burger Kingia
“This is my cute swimming face, Nana.”
Abigail–almost 6.
Hanan adjusts his mask.
Pauly 4 in October.
MUCH happier OUT of the pool.
My son with his Garden Manager tan.
Adorable Abi and Paul at church.
Peter has freckles just like his Grandpa
We are richly blessed!

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  • Jody Lee Collins

    Mia, I appreciate you so much. I'll pass on the good word for the Grandpa–he'll be blessed.


    The warmth of your family and the good-natured fun you enjoy together is delightful. Can I be an aunt or a cousin in your family?!

  • Ceil

    Hi Jody Lee! Gotta love those raucous boys, don't cha? Sure looks like you had a wonderful time with your family, what could be better!

    I am sorry it's been such a challenging summer. I pray that your next season will be one of joy and rest. Maybe some more family time, Nana:)

    From Unite,

  • Mia De Vries

    Dear Jody Lee
    They are adorable and please tell grandpa that he is doing holy work playing with the little ones in the pool. We are honored that you shared them with us!
    Blessings XX

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