Tethered–a Poem/Prayer

Prayer at my desk over pasta
reminds me I’ve been away
from this place way too long.
This familiar pathway back 
to this quiet corner with Him–
like a trail worn through the woods
towards home 
or a boat returning to anchor
in the harbor.

It’s this Presence I remember,
the sweet rest of being held 
and being His.
Sandra Heska King is hosting a book study group on Dave Harrity’s book “Making Manifest”.  She’s also had some great guest posting folks on her site of late. I haven’t been doing the study, but eavesdropping instead on the conversations.  
You should go visit!

3 thoughts on “Tethered–a Poem/Prayer

  1. Tethered. I love that title. Now I'm going to enlarge this photo and check out these books. Next time, I'd like to see “Making Manifest” on that shelf. 🙂

    So glad you're tagging along on this journey… even if you are “just” eavesdropping.

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