The Scarlet Cord

There was no lifeline through family blood,

no promises passed on through prayer.

Only the bloodline from His past.

A scarlet thread

bound and wound together,

a cord with the color of life

made by a weaver who dyed it red with blood.

Woven with the loom of love,

a lifeline coming my way~

thrown over the wall

bright enough for me to see,

alone and far away like the spies in Jericho.

I saw the sign, salvation

let down from Heaven, like

a life ring through the air.

Grasping this new grace, welcomed

by the omnipresent Pursuer.

No earthly reason why I should be saved

but for God sending a sign to me,

A wanderer in the land of Jericho.

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4 thoughts on “The Scarlet Cord

  1. Cary…jo 🙂 thanks for the link to the detail in the Rahab story. I don't think that part ever sank in. Yes, there's a lot to read out there, I'm always 'gleaning.'

    Glad you're coming this way in the next few weeks…….there will be stories to tell.

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