The Spiritual Discipline of Listening

On the wind
His words gently breezing
through the pinwheel
turning, iridiscent blue
blowing across the surface
moving gently, forcing 
me to hear, “I’m here”
while I ponder slowing–
less turning, more still-
like the quiet trees
hushing, the soft branches
suspended, punctuation
placed securely on the pages
of the sky,
declaring a full stop.

I’ve heard rumors of His kindness, 
long to be bathed with words.
I lean in lingering, 
straining for His voice. 
Cupping His hand o’er my ear, 
He shares secrets 
like a lover, 
and I am washed
into waking
shocked at the power
of quiet on the wind.

Three years ago this January I read a book about Spiritual Disciplines by LL Barkat–
‘God in the Yard’ and took the time to go outside on my deck for an hour every week–sometimes 2 or 3 times a week–to just listen.  I had the book to read and question prompts, but my writing responses and 
what I heard the Holy Spirit say during that time touched and surprised me.
I have attempted to make this practice a part of my week as often as I can and God is faithful to speak. This poem is from one of those times.
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4 thoughts on “The Spiritual Discipline of Listening

  1. Nancy, I hope you do have a chance to soak in the words of 'God in the Yard…..' and share with me what Jesus shows you. Like maybe in October???

    Thanks for reading–here's to Springtime and new decks!

  2. With spring fast approaching, and a new deck to enjoy, I must get that book! I remember you mentioning it before, and being intrigued. Your poem is lovely–I was especially moved by the lines “declaring a full stop” (What wonders await when we do!) and “waking shocked at the power of quiet on the wind.” Miraculous, really, how we can sense his power in the stillness. Thank you, Jody!

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