Surrender {a #poem}

My husband and I recently spent some time away for our anniversary and I discovered that in confined quarters–our all in one room on the island–it’s hard to find personal space.  My husband’s solution? To not having to listen to me all the time?  Turn off his hearing aids. Smile. 
It made me think about my own ‘selective deafness’ when God is speaking something to me and I don’t want to listen.

I fuss because you seem far away
and I fear I won’t be heard.
Me, bent over my work,
too busy to budge
like a recalcitrant child
refusing instruction.
I’ll lift my arm to respond to the Teacher,
but my hand is heavy as a
wet, soaking towel,
too full of myself to be wrung out,
weighted down with water
from my own still pool.

I edge closer to the moving,
rushing, living river of your words.
Over the noise I realize,
besides the moving closer
and the turning towards,
I will need to adjust my ears
to catch your words.
Above the clamor I lean in to listen,
finally willing to lessen my load.

I heave the towel,
reach out my hands
and race to the running water.

You always quench my thirst.

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11 thoughts on “Surrender {a #poem}

  1. I love the same part that Geoff picked out. Your words paint a picture. And the picture is gorgeous too, Jody. An island retreat sounds heavenly.

  2. Hi Jody, Thanks for stopping by my place yesterday. What a beautiful photo and poem about listening and receiving God's words in your life. Your words flow so eloquently on the page. It is hard to hear Him unless we give him “room” to talk to us. Hope you had a great anniversary. Kim

  3. Hi Jody Lee! Thank you again for coming over to my blog to say 'hi'. It's a privilege to be your SDG Sister!

    I like the idea that coming closer really doesn't mean much unless the ears are open. Never thought of that, but it makes all the sense in the world.

    Happy Anniversary!


  4. Geoff, I appreciate your words. They mean a lot, coming from an English teacher 🙂 Alliteration seems to pour out easily when I write a poem–thanks for noticing.

  5. Enjoyed this poem, Jody, especially the alliteration and assonance in these lines:

    bent over my work,
    too busy to budge

    too full of myself to be wrung out,
    weighted down with water
    from my own still pool.

    Above the clamor I lean in to listen,
    finally willing to lessen my load.

  6. Dear Jody Lee
    Oh, you have a clever husband! I sometimes think we can all do with a set of spiritual hearing aids. But like you said; most of the time when we don't hear our Pappa God, we just need to slow down and just listen. He never turns His hearing aids down and always listens to us. It is us that are at times a bit hard of hearing.
    Blessings XX

  7. My heart soars on your inspiration, Jody. I love the image of God's moving, rushing, living words ministering to us. His words of comfort and assurance move worry, fear, and frustration away from our shores. His words of love and encouragment rush over us with cool refreshing. His word does not come once and for all; it returns again and again like the waves, providing ongoing, life-giving rejuvenation. Indeed: God always quenches our thirst!

  8. This is beautiful, Jody. You capture thirsty in such a poetic way like I never could. Thank you for sharing the Living Water with me this morning.

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