Weather Change

birds top right and center….from our deck   jlc

The chickadees chatter
and chirrup
“a cheep, cheep
bullying for position
on the fence post.

There’s an argument
about breakfast
and who goes first
and “hey, no cuts!”

Doesn’t matter there’s an
feeder full of seeds–
all the birds are hungry.

It’s a change-of-weather
morning where the dew
rests in places
normally occupied by sunshine,
his arc lower in the sky
by several degrees,
chair cushions stashed in view
of a threat of rain (really?)

And a new
chill in the air–
a reminder of last-year-this-time
like an old dream of
seasons before,
coming on the morning
of a new awakening.

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8 thoughts on “Weather Change

  1. Those little birds are SO cute! And this made me feel great. I love how the sun's arc gets a little lower and new possibilities abound.

    What a nice blog you have! I'll enjoy getting to know you vian more of your poems.

  2. Nice, Jody. We commented yesterday afternoon, that even amid the glorious sun, there was a new, slight chill in the air. And a change in the angle of the light – the big cue for seasonal change in these parts.

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