Wait Training {a #poem}

by | Mar 12, 2017 | Poetry, Spiritual Practice | 5 comments

P1200354I want to fly these dumbbells

up, down, up, down

quick! The momentum of each

lift rising at my side pushing past

perhaps what’s safe or wise

in the name of what? Speed

or yes, the checklist-exercise-

done! When I slow instead,

face the window and raise

these weighted arms slow,

slow, slow-up; slow, slow, slow-

down-the strain increases but the

work muscle-wise is longer lasting.

I feel the wait and wonder if speed

is highly overrated. Aware of the

answer, I rest into the process

lifting again, lowering at my leisure.


And find a lesson in these weights,

an exercise written over taut skin,

reaching to my soul.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’m heading to the Cascade Mountains of Washington for a weeklong writing project (first draft of my little book!). I covet your prayers for this process–I’d like to speed it up, but God keeps reminding me He’s with me while I wait on Him for the words.


  1. Such a clever title, Jody, and greatly appreciate the lesson you observed from weight-lifting exercise. I too “feel the wait” and, incidentally, exercise facing a window. May God bless you with wise words that flow from your pen as you work on your book.

  2. Jody, I was scrolling past on my way to my Bible app to look for the verse in Proverbs that says ‘if we are hasty we will miss the mark’, when I saw the link to this post! No coincidences in God. I was curious to know if that is same word in the original language used to describe sin. That would make haste/speed a vice of no mean order. I would have no trouble believing that. Take your time sis, the One holding your days in His hands will get you across that bridge. Praying with you both, Denise

    • “The one holding my days in His hands will get me across the bridge.” Oh, Denise, thank you. No concidences in God indeed.

  3. Lovely–and significant–imagery here, Jody. Those with watchful eyes see. And you have watchful eyes. Enjoy your work-time away.

  4. Excellent. I need to learn this, too. Prayers for you, Jody!


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